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Interpreting sentences

Websign is based on Client/Server architecture. The interpreting module is based on SML which is an XML based descriptive language that we have developed to annotate gestures in Websign. The interpreting algorithm produces an animation as successive movements of a group of joins. Every movement has a fixed time, during it; the rotation of every join of group is done.


Creating signs

The interpretation from text to signs is constructed thanks to a dictionary of word and signs. This dictionary can be supplied by a simple and intuitive interface allows users to create their own signs and record them. The user can select a predefined configuration of the hand. Several other menus also allow you to animate the avatar according to your choice. The interface shows a time axis (timeline) that indicates the length of the sign created. Once the sign is complete, you can save it to the dictionary with the appropriate word.



Attention :

In order to visualize Signs, you should download and install WSPlayer plugin

WSPlayer is an add-on to your browser which allows you to read sign language streams based on SML language.

Actually only a version for Microsoft Internet Explorer is available.

Download WS plugin 2.0

Embedded sign player
The animation above is generated automatically. This Web3D Signing avatar is modeled using the H-Anim working group specifications that give a relevant method to describe the skeleton architecture and hierarchy. The 3D scene is rendered according to the Extensible 3D (X3D) specifications.


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